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Caregivers share content professionally, securely and directly with relatives


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Witness moments

Share photos, videos, text and voice messages and take part in the daily life of your loved one – without the barrier of distance and in real time.

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Communicate professionally

EU-GDPR compliant exchange through a communication platform that was specifically designed for the care industry. Allowing for better and more effective workflows.

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Show appreciation

Short official channels and direct responses allow for a closer relationship between all involved parties. This improves the overall perception of an entire profession.

Secure, protected and private

EU-GDPR conformity guarantees highest data security. On German servers, the data is 100% secure, inaccessible and the right of ownership remains with the user.


Take part in meaningful moments of your loved one and communicate with relevant caregivers – anytime and anywhere. For a better understanding of care.


myo was developed by caregivers and for caregivers. Make the loving daily care visible and communicate directly with relatives and colleagues.

Nursing Home Operator

Efficiency gain by professionalizing the internal and external communication. Advancement enabled by digitalization, for a modern approach to care.

Dr. Markus Horneber

Digital platforms like social media are popular with all age groups and ensure timely communication. myo uses these advantages and adapts its offer to the needs of the nursing and care sector. The App offers better service and greater transparency, and in future it could become a useful tool for the reporting software. We are excited to support this innovative start-up and their development.

Claudia Kahl

I have been using the App for 6 months. This gives me wonderful insights into the life of my mother within the nursing home. I can witness directly, how lovingly my mother is being cared for and the photos and videos show me that she feels content.

Christian Lust
AGAPLESION Bethanien Diakonie

We are always searching for innovative solutions that benefit our residents, relatives and employees. That’s exactly what myo does. The Platform simplifies and professionalizes the communication between caregivers, relatives and residents. Information, Fotos or Videos can be transmitted quickly and easily. This way relatives can participate in the life of their loved ones, even if they sometimes live far away.

Stefanie Suhr-Meyer
Professor for dementia und palliative Care

When I heard about myo, it immediately grabbed my attention. The families now get a chance to participate in the activities of the people that are so close to their heart. This gives them the feeling of relief and reassurance. Every care facility now has the chance to visually portray the variety of services and activities they have to offer. I see the use of the platform in various different care and assisted living projects and consider this to be a huge sign of quality. This is how forwards-looking communication with relatives looks like!

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