Data security

myo is working with leading data security experts and fulfills the highest legal standards.  We invite experts to continuously perform penetration tests, examining every last corner of our code.


myo is a data processor. We process all data according to the guidelines of the respective nursing home. The entirety of the data stays in your ownership. A wrongful use for advertising does not exist at myo.


myo regularly saves your data. We only do this, to restore it in case of disruption or data loss. This also allows us to retroactively delete your data should you wish to do so.

Data security is of greatest importance

The EU general data protection regulation (EU-GDPR) ensures, that you regain control of your data. At myo, we welcome the EU-GDPR and we constantly strive to fulfill the high data security standards of the European Union.

Conformity of data regulations has the highest priority.


myo uses the Microsoft Azure Cloud and its German Data Centres. The data is managed by the German Telekom subsidiary T-Systems. This allows myo to leverage Microsoft’s innovative and secure infrastructure while sheltering your data from access by US Authorities. Your Data is therefore always subject to the stringent and comprehensive EU Data Protection Policy.


  • Federal data protection act
  • Compatible for tech unsavvy
  • App customization
  •  Free of charge
  • Compliant of German church law
  • No handout of data to 3rd parties
  •  Federal Security Office (FSO) IT basic security
  • FSO declaration of conformity