The resident is at the heart of myo.

Stay close to relatives

Share your experiences and special moments with relatives. myo keeps everyone updated so that your next visit will not miss out on any topic.

Enjoy service

Do not worry about new technologies or smartphone-usage – caregivers do the job for you and create content with you as you wish to present yourself.

Be organised

Your favorite shampoo is empty again? No problem – caregivers use myo to inform your family about organisational needs. You can proceed with your daily activities as usual.

How it works

The resident is at the heart of myo. The shared content maintains and respects the residents’ dignity at all time.

Good to know: Caregivers are in charge of sharing images, videos, text- or voice messages with relatives so that the resident does not need to bother about the technology. This way, the resident gets access to technological advancements and can participate in modern communication and variety in everyday life.

The onboarding process distinguishes mature and immature residents. As a mature resident, you may decide yourself if you and your relatives want to use myo. As an immature resident your legal guardian represents your interest when it comes to the communication with relatives.